Client Bookings

Purchase a Ten Hour Package

To start working with Cherie, or extend your contract with her, purchase a Ten Hour Package of time.


Enter your contact information and complete payment.

After purchase, contact Cherie to schedule your individual appointment(s). Calls, texts and emails will also be withdrawn from the Package in 10- or 15-minute increments.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I purchase a ten hour package?

Purchase a package prior to your first client appointment with Cherie, or when your previous package is near the end of its time.

How do I know how much time is left in my Package?

If you have previously used the booking software, go to Schedule an Appointment and click Login on the upper-right side. Select the day/time for your next appointment and click “Redeem Package”. Your remaining time will appear.

If this is your first time using the booking software, pick a day and time, then click “Redeem Package”. Enter the email address you used when you became a client. Your account will link with your profile and remaining time will be displayed. Finish scheduling your appointment and click. “Register for an Account” to create a password, making future bookings easier.

How do I view past appointments?

If you have previously used the booking software, go to Schedule an Appointment and click Login on the upper-right side. Click “Show X past appointments” to view.

If this is your first time using the booking software, you must schedule a meeting and create an account. You can then view past appointments as shown above.

What if I lost the code for my package?

You can use your account email address to apply your appointment to an existing Ten Hour Package.

Agreement Terms

You agreed to the terms of agreement when you booked your FREE Discovery Session. Here is the wording:

I am here as your thinking partner, sounding board, and to focus on what you want and need from the process of contemplation of and/or experience of divorce and/or issues that you face afterwards. I will help you move forward by assisting in setting goals, helping you taking actions in line with those goals and helping you choose additional resources as needed. I will also help shift your mindset as needed.

The information exchanged between coach and client is confidential except where a client is knowingly committing a crime, doing something illegal or endangering their life or the safety and life of a child. Or, except as required by law.

If I am coaching you as part of a couple, and I meet separately with each individual client, and am requested to keep information private, I will not, without permission of that client, communicate the private information to the other party or the other party’s attorney or any other third party but I will not keep secret information that may disadvantage the other half of the couple client. In addition, I will not communicate outside the coaching sessions any information about how any client behaves in coaching sessions in order to encourage discussion that is meaningful. One primary goal is to help de-escalate conflict and I will act accordingly to do so.

I will not voluntarily testify in a court of law, or any other setting, and you agree, by signing this Agreement, that you understand this limitation and will take no action, either directly or through a third party, to achieve this goal. If I am forced to testify in any setting, including deposition or court, by subpoena, or otherwise, you as my client agree to pay for my time and expenses to do so at my highest hourly rate.

You, as the client, understand I am not a therapist and the focus in coaching is to take actions to accomplish the goals you define with coaching support. You, as the client, understand that although I am legal professional, I am not acting as your lawyer and will not advise you on your legal rights. As a coaching client, you accept responsibility to consult with a legal professional regarding any legal matters as needed. You, as the client, understand that I am not a CPA or licensed financial advisor and will not guide you on financial matters. I can help with basic budgets and help you understand what information, financially, you may need as part of your contemplation of or actual divorce and will provide coaching support as needed.

You, as the client, agree to release me from all liability for coaching activities and also acknowledge that monies paid are non-refundable, even if you decide to terminate coaching services. In addition, a visit must be cancelled 24 business hours prior to the meeting in order to avoid a charge. By signing this document, you acknowledge your agreement to resolve any disputes with me through mediation and arbitration, as needed, and to waive your right to litigate any dispute in court. I will offer a list of mediators and arbitrators, from which you can choose, as needed, to resolve any difference we may have. In the alternative, and you agree, I may decide to return any fee you paid to conclude our work together and to resolve the dispute in full.