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About Me

Cherie Morris practices as a Divorce Coach and Parent Coordinator. She is trained as a lawyer, yoga teacher and is also an author and mother.

​Cherie’s legal training makes her approach to issues logical and reasoned. She began exploring alternate dispute resolution and mediation in order to understand how to change the nature of conflict and improve dynamics when conflict occurs, in litigation and otherwise, when a solely rational approach may not succeed. Her approach to conflict now is that rational thinking must be accompanied by the ability to empathize and compromise in order to achieve successful results.

A divorce agreement is a very important contract that requires each party to recognize, and think about, the long-term consequences of taking specific action now. She believes it is very important to understand and analyze each decision in divorce carefully, and rationally, but with a strong consideration for your best self and a relationship that may continue with a former spouse well into the future, especially when there are children involved.

There are many professionals who may serve an individual in divorce, but a divorce coach may be the only one acting as an objective thinking partner who will help you decide how to frame important decisions that will serve you and your children now and well into the future.

Cherie is convinced that the best interests of children are served in divorce when the adults act as their best selves, inspiring their children to see that flexibility and resilience are important life-long qualities for all of us. This applies whether you are contemplating, in the midst of, or have post-divorce complications.

Cherie has four children of her own and is part of a blended family. She is delighted to include her partner’s daughter and say they have a combined five. Life is always interesting and challenging.

In addition to her work with Dear Divorce Coach, Cherie is available for parent coordination sessions and coaching sessions regarding divorce and other life transitions for individuals and couples too.


Cherie instilled confidence and exuded professionalism and a wealth of experience from our very initial conversation. It became evidently clear to me how much she genuinely cares about people/families and the overall deep understating of relationship dynamics and how people work. It was her excellent guidance, clear mastery of this field, kindness, responsiveness, sensitivity and diplomacy that enabled me take the best steps forward to bring what started as a daunting undertaking to an efficient and amazingly agreeable and amiable conclusion, all while keeping clear sight of the top priorities within a complex situation such as mine. Cherie is a life-saver and a true “Pro” in all senses of the term, and I will always recommend her services to anyone in need. I am forever thankful to have been introduced!

Chris N Becky Levinton

I am very grateful for Cherie. My ex and I were together for 14 years and have three amazing children. Cherie has helped us break poor communication habits. She has coached us on how to be effective co-parents. She always has our children’s best interest in mind and keeps us focused on logic and resolving core issues. She is very fair, and I like that she holds us both accountable…

June Caswell

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