Providing you with personalized support when you need it most

While I’ve outlined several different services I provide, the reality is no person, marriage, or divorce is exactly the same, so I work with you in our initial session to detail what you need to move forward. I use my personal and professional experience to craft a custom plan for you.

Discernment Coaching (Should-I or Shouldn’t-I)

If you are struggling with the decision to stay or go, we will tackle this confusing and difficult period together. We will weigh the practical, financial and emotional implications of either direction. If you stay, I will ensure you stay with clear intention and purpose. If you take steps to separate, I will guide you through the process. Either way, you will be armed with tools to make a decision that best serves you and the future you want.

Divorce Coaching

At any stage of divorce, you may hit roadblocks that require assistance. If you want to understand how the process will work for you, need communication support with your spouse or former partner, need co-parenting plans or a framework to re-align your mindset, or need help finding professional referrals (legal, financial, therapeutic), you have found the right place. I leverage my own personal and years of professional experience to guide you through this difficult time. 

Communication Coaching

Are you struggling to communicate with your partner or former partner? For many of my clients, their issues begin with the inability to effectively communicate with one another. With the right tools and proper reframing, I help couples realize the happier, more connected relationship they want and deserve. We work together to align your values with the most effective and efficient communication that works to take care of you and your family!

Co-Parent Coaching

Are you trying to establish your co-parenting relationship or have you run into a new challenge as your child(ren) grow? Do you feel frustrated by the lack of understanding and the impact of continued conflict upon your child(ren)? We will work together to help you define this stage with your co-parent, tackling what you can do and what you shouldn’t when communicating. You will learn the tools and skills to use neutral communication to mitigate conflict and “drama” and to build a positive environment for you and your children to thrive.  

Transition Coaching

Are you separated, divorced, widowed or an empty nester or do you just want something different? Do you struggle to find purpose and meaning in what’s next? Change is often what makes us the most uncomfortable and why so many of us avoid it. But change can also bring new opportunities, growth, and happiness. We will work together to assess and prioritize what you want in this next chapter, prepare and shift your mindset for what’s to come, and then co-create a realistic plan for you to achieve it. 

Coaching Packages

It’s important to me to be up front with you in not only how I coach, but how I approach my fee structure, so I’ve broken down my basic packages here. After our initial session, we will finalize a plan that is unique to you and your needs.

My clients typically invest with me over several months for a program tailored specifically to their goals. The costs vary based on the length of the program, frequency of sessions, and any special requirements. Together, we will move forward and I’m committed to crafting a plan that supports and ultimately transforms your life and shifts you into your next stage. 

Individual Coaching Package

I will work with you in any stage from contemplation of separation or divorce through any post-divorce complications. Together, we will identify your goals and build a path to achieve them.

Couples Coaching Package

I will work with you and your partner to de-escalate conflict as you make decisions about your relationship. 

Co-Parenting Coaching Package

I work with you and your co-parent as you create or modify a parenting plan and work toward agreement about decision-making for your children.

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