Navigating Divorce and Identity in the Transgender Community

Exploring the Intersection of Divorce, Identity, and Mental Health in the Transgender Community.

In this insightful interview, I sit down with Jericho, a former client who is transgender, to discuss the complexities of divorce and identity within the transgender community. As an ally, I aim to provide a platform for voices within the LGBTQ+ community to share their experiences and insights.

Jericho shares several profound points, including:

🌈 The universal challenge of divorce, regardless of gender identity.
🌈 The potential links between identity and conditions such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.
🌈 The crucial role that divorce coaching played in guiding her through his journey.

Join us as we explore these important topics and celebrate the strength and resilience of the transgender community during Pride Month. Your thoughts and comments are welcome as we strive to foster understanding and support for everyone navigating these life changes.

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